The aim for the enduro motorcyclists is to travel around Georgia by using different DOSAAF routes known in former Soviet Union and to explore places that are less known - that are not tourist destinations impossible to reach via on foot or with car. Participants of the expedition - Baizeļi are four childhood friends - Andis Pikāns, Oskars Prauliņš and Normunds Kalve.

Andis Pikāns, Baizeļu expedition's to Georgia initiator and participant: "This week we start our trip with aim to discover the less known spots that are hard to reach in Georgia. We won't stick to the main destinations, but we will try to have some adventures, because only traveling with motorcycles can give you the special feeling of freedom and allows you to just follow the road. During the expedition we will film our adventures without special filming crew. Main topics will be Georgia's nature, people and their opinions about historical events in the Caucasus.

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